Lizard Really Be Gone

About 3 this afternoon, a good five hours after this all began and two and a half hours after we last heard the lizard, I finally had the guts to actually go outside and check.

Yep, it was gone.

And yep, Oberon still has all his limbs. :p

The lizard managed to climb his way out without falling off the wall – yay! And then we heard more noises from the roof, which is usually lizard, but since there are three up there most of the time, I can’t say with certainty that our fallen lizard was among them.

But he’s no longer down here, so yay! Only 2 1/2 hours or so that dratted lizard was down here. 🙁

Anyway, I have no idea if this particular variety is poisonous. I only know that they’re strong enough to cause us humans serious harm if they’re freaked out and we’re in their way.

Fahim also tells me that this type of lizard only eats small stuff like insects, so Oberon wasn’t in any danger.

*laughs* Fahim just sat back the whole day, laughing at me taking all those pictures and watching the lizard. He just kept acting like it was no big deal, which, I suppose, if you’ve lived with this sort of thing your whole life, it is. *sigh*


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