Lizard of Odd

It’s up to 36 Celsius today.


In other news, we had a bit of a lizard incident today. And no, it wasn’t Lizard of Odd, a character in the novel I’ve been writing the last week, acting up. No, this was a real lizard.

You remember that lizard I mentioned that lives up on our roof? Well . . .

Fahim and I were eating lunch and watching an episode of CSI: Miami as a break from my writing (it was a sanctioned break, even – long story.)

We were sitting on the couch in front of the patio windows in the living room on the lowest level of the house. I heard a noise from behind me, so opened the curtains to see what it was.


Lizard was on the ground, trying to get into the window. Well, through the glass and the grate (security protection, of course), but what with the glass and the grate being solid, it was having a tough time.

So I asked Fahim to hold the curtains open (we close them so we don’t get glare on the television when we watch something) so I could take a picture. The lizard immediately started running. I snapped a few off, and it ran under the curry leaf tree, past the jasmine tree, and into the corner of the garden.

I really wanted a picture, and Fahim thought I was crazy for stepping outside with that thing out there, but I went anyway.

That would be called foreshadowing.

Well, it would be called foreshadowing if it indicated anything happened to me, that is. But since it didn’t, it’s merely a detail in the saga.

As soon as I opened the door and stepped outside, it ran away from me . . . And into the back door of our house.

Luckily, this is the servant’s quarters and it’s closed off from the rest of the house, so the lizard can’t hide under a bed or anything.

It tried hiding under a table, then it tried climbing up a hollow-core door, leaving huge scratch marks all over it. Then it went up the stairs leading to a bedroom, but again, closed door actually prevents it from going anywhere.

Fahim had to go in to try to chase it out, but meanwhile, he has to be careful – the tail on that thing, if he whips it hard enough, can do some serious damage.

Meanwhile, I’m on the other side of the glass doors to the kitchen, watching the whole thing. I, of course, take a few pictures, and Fahim yells at me to stop. I’m not helping. I’m scaring the lizard even more.

At two points, the lizard gets behind the washing machine in a corner, and Fahim has to chase it out with a broom.

It refused to go out the way it came in, so finally, Fahim opened the door to the garage (car deck, really), and hallelujah! It goes out that way and quickly escapes through the slits in the gate.

Whew! It’s over!

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