Kraft Advertising. Taking advantage of poor, disadvantaged kids.

Sure, of course it’s exaggerating. But as I’ve said before, that’s my job as a writer.

I bought 2 notebooks at Food City today when we did our grocery shopping. I currently have a spiral bound notebook that I use to make notes of all sorts of things – plot development, new stories, appointment times, phone numbers, addresses, whatever. And, quite frankly, it’s become a bit of a mess. Oh, yeah, and Sinhalese lessons. So it’s a real jumble.

Add to that the notes I take during meetings or other such things for my church callings, and it’s even more of a disaster than it was before.

So I, or rather Fahim, since it’s his income, bought me two new notebooks today. Very pretty covers. One is of pink flowers, the other is of yellow flowers.

They had a bunch of other notebooks, but they mainly had things like Cinderella or Beauty & the Beast on the front. I elected to go with the pretty flowers. 🙂

And on the back of said notebook? A continuation of flower theme?


Plain paper cover?


It’s one page of advertising for



A Rich Source of Calcium


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