John Travotra and other movie mistakes

Fahim went to his parents house and got another load of stuff. He brought over the rest of his dvds – man, he has got a lot of them. He had another 60 or so dvds in regular dvd cases and then another 50 or so in plastic bags. These ones are sooooo easy to tell that they’re pirated. "Lucky Numbers, starring John Travotra" – that’s another way to be obvious, eh? Yep, that’s my Canadianese coming out. I haven’t seen the John Travotra movie yet – probably sometime early next week. I’d like to see who this big star named John Travotra is. He looks awfully familiar, like some other big star, like maybe that one that was in Michael, or let me see, Get Shorty, or something like that.

Yeah, I try to be funny. I’m probably the only one amused.

But seriously, the spelling errors are hilarious. These pirated movies – whoever rips them off also writes their own summaries on the back cover of the dvd jacket, and sometimes, you’d swear that that person didn’t even watch the movie.

Oh, here’s one. Monsters, Inc. Which I haven’t yet seen. Straight from the back flap, sic (spelling in context – in other words, any spelling errors are faithful reproductions not my own creation.)

"From the Academy award-winning creators of toy story comes the worlds’s #1 computer- animated film**that captur the heart of fans and critics everywhere.Montsters, inc. is "Visually Dazzling action-packed and hilarious" (Boston Herald) featuring groundbreaking anima tion.imaginative storytelling and unforgettable voicce talent.john goodman star as the lovable james p. sullivan (sully) an Billy Crystal as his wisecracking best friend, mike wazowski. This revolutionary and expansive mansters inc.set has something for fam and film lovers alike jam-packed with fotage created exponsive for this dvd inside jok and multiple surprises.this DVD Provides a unique viewing experienc that you will enjoy over and over again."

Okay, so this one is sort of accurate, except for the expansive part. Well, I guess the door storage area was expansive, so, okay, I shouldn’t nit pick that one too badly. Sure, we’ll allow that one. Um, "jam-packed with fotage" – I don’t have a dictionary handy, so I can’t even find out what a fotage is – perhaps it’s true, I don’t know.

Ah, heck, this is me mocking the flexible English rules again. But they just make it so darn easy!!!!

But seriously, some of those summaries don’t even resemble the movie they’re written for. I’ll find one and post it here.

He also brought his xbox and playstation – neither of which I’ve ever used before. I’m not hugely into games. Basically, I play them when I can think of absolutely nothing else in the world to do and I have no decent books left, there’s nothing even paralyzing on tv, no one to talk to on the phone or otherwise, no laundry to do, no cats around to pet or brush, or . . . You get the idea. Fahim, well, he likes toys. Electronic toys. Reminds me of another geek I know who shall remain nameless (my brother Tony), only this other nameless alpha geek (Tony Tony Tony – check him out at – and I bet he’s chuckling at this by now) seems to go for other types of electronic toys. Things like, oh, handheld gps thingies, and other things which, for the life of me, I just can’t even conjure in my brain right now. Alas and alack!

Fahim also brought back a bunch of books – hallelujah! Mostly Gordon Dickinson’s, and I don’t think I’ve read any of his before, or if I have, I’ve only read perhaps a few. Anyway, Fahim has a whole wackload – 60? 80? I don’t know. But a lot. And some other books by some other guy who’s name escapes me at the moment except that it looked Polish but also sci fi. Wicejowski? Nah. But you get the idea. Fahim, of course, will just shake his head, laugh and mock me, and that’s about it.

Czerney? Nah. That’s not right either.

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