I’ve mentioned the LDS Missionaries many times.

Here are pictures of our two favorites, Elders Woo and Lawrence. Woo is from Singapore and Lawrence from Utah. Good guys. Sociable. Funny. Comfortable. One of them “invented” a game called Prophet Bingo. I put the invented bit in quotes cuz I don’t know that he actually invented it, or stole the idea from somewhere else, or what exactly the scoop is. However, they had a game called Prophet Bingo, and they wanted to play it with us, but they forgot to bring it along. They vowed they’d bring it with them next time they came over, but Lawrence has since been transferred (or gone home? Damn, I wish I could remember!), and Woo is scheduled to be transferred very shortly himself. How sad.

Anyway, yon picture is taken with Woo holding on to Fahim’s PlayStation control thingy. Or maybe it’s the XBox control thingy. Or maybe the, uh, uhm, does he have any other game console thingies, or are those two the only ones?

Yeah. Dunno.

Anyway, the point being that Woo coveted Fahim’s toys. Naaaa, in all fairness, both Woo and Lawrence coveted Fahim’s toys. Fahim has some good toys, I hear.

Anyway. The new word of the day, to be overused as much as possible to the point of driving yon driver up the wall. Along with yon overusage of the word yon. Anyway, yon word overusage will shortly change to other word overusage. Yonly. And then that yon word will drive yon reader up yon wall.Yon? Yon.

We do, however, have an Elder Anderson (I think I got that right!), also from Utah, like so very many of the LDS Missionaries are, to take Lawrence’s place. I’ve talked to him at church, and other than being very very peppy – very peppy 😀 – he seems like an okay guy. 🙂

Anyway. Woo also took a pic of Fahim and I. This is proof that yes, I’m still alive. No, Fahim isn’t writing all these entries for me, and neither is Oberon, but it’s really, honestly, and legitimately, me.

And yes, I’m still THAT pasty white.

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