I’ve been AWOL

Got sick – again.  I had so many problems breathing yesterday that it was all I could do to make sure I didn’t pass out.  Went to an Ayurvedic doctor, got some disgusting powder and a drink, and wahoo, it works!  Yeah, this is my life. . .  But ya know what?  It sure could make an interesting scene in a book.  Conversing with the doc, dressed in a white shirt and a white sarong and worn flip flops, through an interpreter, my dh – doc spoke not a word of English, which is not overly surprising.  I knew when they were talking about me because that was the only time the doc even acknowledged my existence.  Hearing him pound and mix the medicines in this tiny cubicle room.  Seeing the worn and dusty shelves stacked with bottles of all sorts of miscellaneous bottles of this and that.  So definitely third world doctor’s office.  Total charge?  Something like 350 Rupees, for medicine and visit.  That would translate to $3.50 USD, folks.

Anyway.  I’m feeling better again.  And I have a goal of writing two articles – both for publication, one on assignment for a magazine –  by Tuesday morning.  Total of 2000 words.  Not a huge goal, but probably about as much as I’ll manage.

Author: LMAshton
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