It’s still monsoon season. And right now, that also means Dengue Fever season.

I know this because it’s still raining. Still as in all night and all day today.

I woke up at 2 am and it was raining then. It slowed a bit to a trickle around five and then resumed downpour again an hour or so later. A couple of hours of downpour, and it slowed to trickle and spit, then went back to downpour. It’s finally on barely misting status, and it’s now afternoon. Close to twelve hours of drenching rain.

When we got out of bed this morning, at 6:30, it was dark as midnight out. Clouds were that thick. When I got out of bed again just before 8 (yep, I went to catch some more zzzs. Insomnia sucks.) it was still dark. It’s finally light enough now just after noon that I don’t need the lights on to see anything. The skies are still overcast, though, so it might start another downpour in a few more seconds.

But yes. STILL monsoon season.

The good thing, though, is that it’s been much cooler. Haven’t needed the fans on as high, haven’t been as damp with perspiration throughout the day or the night. Cool enough the last couple of nights that Fahim and I were sleeping smack against each other as close as two humans could possibly ever get trying to suck out every ounce of body heat. I had goosebumps. We have no blankets, remember. Why would we? This is a tropical country! Silly girl.

The bad part? It’s dengue season. As in dengue fever. I know a couple of people who’ve already caught it, and apparently, they needed to go to the hospital every day to get blood levels checked. If it goes too much to an extreme, what happens then? I have no idea. These people didn’t get that bad. I have been told that it’s fever accompanied by itching, and if you have that, get thee to a hospital.

But then, I also mentioned the medical vans going through our neighborhood telling people to clean up their yards to prevent mosquito growth, and thereby preventing dengue, right?

Oh. I just checked. I guess not.

Well, basically, we had medical vans going through our neighborhood telling people to clean up their yards to prevent mosquito growth, and thereby prevent dengue. That’s basically it. Oh, and if they didn’t, the city would do it for them and then fine them. Yup.

We live in a dengue zone is what it boils down to.

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