It’s my birthday!!!


After we played on the internet – and I tried fixing my srilanka site – this one where my blog is – which I gumped up so badly – I gave up and asked Fahim to fix it for me.

Given that I’m still in pain, he agreed.

Okay, that sentence wasn’t what I thought it would end up. Oh well.

After we played on the internet, Fahim and I headed to Vijitha Yapa, the local chain bookstore. Fahim had given me a gift certificate for my birthday, and we needed to go and spend it.

So we looked around, and they didn’t have much of a selection for fiction. Their entire fiction section consisted of shelves about three feet high and totalling about twelve feet long. Far less than the typical Science Fiction section at a crappy little Coles in a hole in the wall shopping mall in Canada!

I ended up getting another David Baldacci book – Total Control – and two other books – Let’s Learn Sinhala 1 Vowels and Consonants, and Let’s Learn Sinhala 2 Vowels and Their Strokes.

And later, we had date cake from Perera & Sons Bakery for my birthday cake. It was good, but their date cake always is.

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