I gotta play on the internet today. I mean, I got to play on the internet today. And download email. And update this blog. And stuff like that.

We are still experiencing technical difficulties with blog.

In theory, the most recent ones – as in October until now – are straightened out. But with Blog 8.0 and the new features contained within, I went back to reformat earlier entries – August – and published them. Only on the internet, they didn’t change at all. And we don’t know why.


It’s something we’ll have to figure out sometime when Fahim has more time than he seems to right now.

Other than that, it was a mostly uneventful day.

The walk to and from his work wore me out – probably cuz I’m still a little sick and my lung function is impaired from the blasted cold and I’m feeling all hot and pasty. So I took another nap this afternoon. Fahim ordered me to.

I resisted like a four year old child, knowing full well it was in my best interests. I gave in quickly.

And then we watched more Smallville, and then Gilmore Girls this evening.

And honestly, folks, that’s pretty much my day.

Fahim, however, is addicted to his geek toys. Not the same geek toys as my geek brother Tony, but geek toys nevertheless. Here he is playing a game on either a playstation or xbox. Heck, I don’t know the difference, and I’m sure gamers everywhere are yelling at me right now, but what the heck?

And have you noticed how bendy Fahim is? I swear, just to prove my theory, one of these days I’m gonna fold him into my suitcase and see if I can do it up. I’m bettin’ I can. He’s bettin’ it’ll never happen. 🙁

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