Internet is still . . . slow.

And that’s being kind.

But finally, today, SLT put up a notice at their website.

—–Begin Quote:

Dear SLTNet Customer,

This is to keep you informed that you may experience slow connectivity to the global Internet
due to a planned maintenance activity on one of the international submarine cables.

The maintenance activity will commence on 18th July 2005 and is expected to complete within
one week.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

—–End Quote

Planned my foot.

If it’s planned, that’s only because it took them this long to figure out what the problem’s been for the last week and a half of lousy intermittent internet connection and they had to plan who was going to have to do the emergency repairs. Because, of course, this being Sri Lanka, they don’t believe in fixing things when the problem actually shows up, but only when it persists without going away on its own.

Gee, do I sound at all unimpressed?

Ya figure?

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