Internet hassles

The internet was down for most of Tuesday, which, of course, means that Fahim can’t work. Huge hassle.

Fahim calls around, and finds out that YA*TV got internet back around 10 am or so, but they’ve got some kind of business package that probably rates them better service and all that, and probably they rate for the backup internet service, ie satellites or something, which we don’t. We have a measly residential package.

Well, we get internet back that afternoon, but. . .

Well, first of all, we have no idea what happened. Undersea or overland cable between here and Timbuktu? No clue. Not a single one. And the phone company ain’t talking.


Ever since then, internet’s been spotty. Parts of the day, it works okay. Other parts of the day, we get "website can’t be found" error messages and downloading problems and messenger clients disconnecting constantly and things like that.

It’s hell, I tell you! *wipes tears*

Author: LMAshton

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