We got our land line hooked up yesterday, and ADSL at the same time, so not only am I connected again, I’m high speed connected.  Internet, watch out!

What was really funny was how we told Kim.

Here’s the story. 🙂

Kim and Ike were off at the zoo. Fahim was at work, but when the phone company guys showed up, I called him and he came home – they don’t speak English at all so it’s pretty much impossible to give them anything resembling decent instructions.

The phones are all connected, finally, and then Fahim makes phone calls to see about ADSL. Given that this is Sri Lanka, we don’t actually expect this to be done the same day. We’ll be happy with a couple of weeks.

Well. It happens.

So I, on my laptop, and Fahim on his laptop, and Lou on her family’s laptop, all start surfing the net.

Kim and Ike come home, and the three of us wait to see how long it’ll take for Kim to notice.

Finally, I stumble across a news article about Christopher Reeve having died, so I mention this. Kim asks how he died. I tell her I have no idea. A few minutes later, after I found a news article about it, I tell her. Okay, she says, and that’s it.

The three of us keep surfing, having a grand old time.

Finally, Lou felt sorry for her and asked her if she wanted to check her email. Her jaw drops. "What? You have internet?" "Um, how else would I find out so quickly how Christopher Reeve died?" Duh!

It was pretty funny. *insert very big grin*

Author: LMAshton

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