I’m happy, Fahim’s happy.

As a side note – this new system of removing my vegetables from the cooker when they’re done to my liking, and then cooking the rest until they’re cooked to a deadened paste, works well. Both Fahim and I are happy with the vegetables this way, and no more whining from Fahim that the vegetables are undercooked.

The only complaint is that it takes another 20-30 minutes – over and above the cooking time for the veggies before I remove mine – to cook them his way.

If he ever complains about the gas bill – that is, the gas for the stove – not the bill for air fresheners because of the gas he allows to escape/encourages to escape/expels at a rather rapid velocity from a certain orifice – which, by the way, have been rather, oh, toxic, lately – and of course to my detriment – cuz fart boy finds it all oh so funny – please remind me to remind him that it’s his veggies that are burning up all the gas.

And that ought to be a run on sentence that even Fahim would be proud of.

🙂 I wish I knew how to make an evil grin. You know, instead of :). I know how to make an evil grin in real life, but not in emoticon life. I’m sure Tony will step in here now and throw a few suggestions in.

Author: LMAshton
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