I read my first word!!!! In Sinhalese!!!!

It may seem obvious, but there’s no guarantee that they’d use the same sound for the brand in both languages. It might not have happened that way.

And after that, I actually managed to sound out the next two words – which translate to red raw rice, but sound completely different. I actually got them – by myself. Okay, so there are the modifier components I didn’t get that alter the sounds of the letters a little, but that’s minor. And Fahim didn’t even help me (much). It was me! All me!!!!

I pronounced three words!!!! I’m no longer 100% illiterate! Only 99.999% illiterate!!!

Yeah, sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Whatever. I still read three words. It’s nice when something like that happens. Okay, granted, I haven’t been spending enough time working on my Sinhalese. I gotta do this consistently. That’s also the key to success. Consistency.

The other thing I just realized – the connection is made – is that I’m a highly visual person, not auditory. Auditory is one of my weaker senses, shall we say. Visual – extremely high. By doing it this way, I’m getting the visual involved a lot more, and that’s probably what’s helping.

Onwards and upwards, Ho!

Author: LMAshton

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