I Miss Canadian High Speed Internet

We, that is, Fahim and I, went to Fahim’s work today for the usual emailing, chatting, and internet surfing session. Or, at least, that’s what I did. I’m really not entirely sure what Fahim was doing as I wasn’t exactly paying much attention. Sorry, love, but I don’t get internet very often, now do I?

Email is slow to upload and download, and it timed out a few times, but at least with Eudora – and yes, I did switch over – all my email actually does get sent now instead of timing out for days at a time. But with email, I can get it working in the background and go on to something else.

Surfing the internet – now that’s where I really notice the difference.

Fahim’s work is supposed to have high speed internet. High speed internet here is not the same thing as high speed internet in North America. As someone recently said to me, "I wouldn’t expect Sri Lanka to have cutting edge technology."

I surf the net, or I try to, but it’s more like wading in the shallows and getting kicked out by large waves.


I whine, I complain, and Fahim mocks me, mercilessly.

We’re at his work for, oh, three hours, and I sorta wade a bit, but dammit, it’s slow and I’m getting annoyed.

Fahim discovered yesterday that at least one or possibly a bunch of computers at work, all on the same network, are infected with a worm, and that’s what’s probably slowing the system down. For the longest time, he thought it was two individuals who used their computers to file share, therefore hogging all the resources. It now looks as though that isn’t the case. The only way to get rid of the worm, though, is to run anti-virus or deworming programs on all the computers at work since there’s no easy way that he knows of to track it down any faster than that.


And Fahim’s not even the company’s computer techie.

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