I love books!

Today, I finished reading Renunciates of Darkover and started reading The Planet Savers/The Sword of Aldones, two novels under one cover. And yes, we’re still on a Marion Zimmer Bradley theme. Fahim will likely go to his parents house tomorrow and get his DVD player, playstation, other electronic toys, and more books, which is good because I don’t have that many left to read here. Although I could start cataloguing them.

Fahim downloaded a program a while ago to catalogue our books, movies, and cds. With it, we have the option of either inputting the ISBN for books and it will look up the rest, or you can type everything in – title, author, etc. He went the long way. Me, being anal, want to add the ISBN. Well, see, I had to upload his data into the program – he did it elsewhere – and when importing, it doesn’t alphabetize properly – some names and titles didn’t import properly. So if I want to see all the books by one author, I may have to check in more than one place in the list. Added to that, given how many books Fahim has, well, it’ll be impossible for me to know which titles he actually has.

Then when my books arrive, I need to catalogue mine. We both have, quite literally, hundreds of books. Before leaving Kelowna, I sold or otherwise disposed of my least favorite books, knowing that they wouldn’t be worth shipping halfway around the world. So I managed to pare down my book collection, paperbacks and hardcovers together, down to only 27 boxes.

The rest of you are going, "What!" Well, I got rid of at least a dozen boxes of books. Imagine.

And yes, because he already had his books catalogued, I’ve already deleted the duplicates out of my pile. Funnily enough, especially given our mutual tastes, we only had about 50 or 75 books in common out of hundreds. There are some authors I love and therefore get everything they’ve ever written. Same for Fahim. Interestingly enough, the ones I did that with were ones that Fahim wanted to read anyway, but never got around to it, and vice versa. We’re both hugely into sci-fi/fantasy. Me the sci-fi part more so than the fantasy.

I blather.

What’s the point of all that? Hmm. I don’t know. But just another reason why we’re so perfect for each other. Yeah, but I already knew that. And so did Fahim.

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