I like food, but I wouldn’t eat there…

Fahim told me about a website with lots of odd stuff on it. One post in particular that he was looking at was about bizarre restaurants. The first restaurant mentioned had a cannabalistic theme.

While that’s, uh, icky, and certainly not appealing, it’s not the worst thing in the world. And no, I probably couldn’t eat anything there without having major nightmares…

There are other restaurants mentioned, like the one that has you eating 150 feet in the air, lifted by crane. Yeah, I couldn’t do that one, either. 🙂

The graveyard restaurant, not so bad. The restaurant run in a maximum-security prison by prisoners I might even be able to handle. Interesting idea, that, and if it keeps the prisoners in line, helps them reform, and gives them marketable skills when/if they get out of jail, so much the better.


But the one that really freaks me out? Ew! Ick! Ew! The one I could NEVER, and I really do mean *NEVER*, eat at? This one.

Yes, I know, not a real toilet that he’s eating on. Never been used as a toilet. I get that. Still.


Check the rest of the post out. It’s pretty interesting. 🙂

Author: LMAshton

3 thoughts on “I like food, but I wouldn’t eat there…

  1. You know, somehow, I’m not at all surprised by that. By either Ed, the toilet, the yellow water, and the chocolate bars, or the boys bobbing for chocolate in a toilet, or the girls staying away while going “Ew!”

    I wonder if I should be surprised at my lack of surprise?

  2. Cousin Ed was running some kind of Halloween party at his church for the kids and/or teens. He was doing some house renovations at the time. So he took a brand new, *never used* toilet to the church. Filled it with water died yellow and put in some small chocolate bars. The boys loved bobbing for chocolate bars. The girls all said Ewwwwww and wouldn’t get close to it.

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