Humans prevented super ice-age?

It hardly seems possible, does it, given all we’re hearing now about global warming, except that what I’ve been learning seems to indicate that calling it global warming is actually very inaccurate. Calling it global climate change is better and, honestly, would make it more easily understood by the masses, including me.

Leaving aside their bad site design, which means there’s no border padding, so text is right up against the left side of the browser window, making it more difficult to read, the article is well worth reading.

What I find really interesting is that, according to their research, had humans not come along, the planet would have entered a semi-permanent ice age.

Even more interesting than that, to me, is the idea that this planet could alternate between Hothouse Earth and Ice Age/Interglacial. Hothouse Earth is when a hot climate with no ice at the poles with the Antarctic covered in forests while huge amounts of Europe, Africa, and America (they don’t indicate whether they mean America as in the USA or America as in North America and South America, although I’m guessing the latter).

Anyway, go read the article. 🙂

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1 thought on “Humans prevented super ice-age?

  1. interesting read; thanks for linking to it! there is so much that we don’t know (uh. yeah. i know. duh.) but so many who want to ‘jump in and act right now’ without considering all the nuances, angles, details… consequences.

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