How are things here generally now?

We haven’t been to the grocery store since it happened. We had enough food at home already.

Despite me being LDS, we don’t have a year’s supply of food. It’s not possible here. Rice, flour, lentils, and such get bugs in them very easily, even when the bags are sealed. Frequently, there are eggs inside the bag and hatch later. But we do have as much as we reasonably can store, and that tends to be about two or three weeks of food. We already know that we have to go grocery shopping BEFORE we run out – just as a matter of protecting ourselves.

We also have water stored as a matter of course. Water outages occur here frequently enough as a part of normal life that we have enough water for probably five or six days stored. Longer if we don’t worry about hygiene.

We have plenty of chocolate thanks to Jeniwren (yay Jeni!) over at Hatrack.

So far, things seem to be fairly close to business as normal. But we live close to a major urban area that didn’t suffer major damage, so we’re more likely to remain okay.

It’s common here for people to have fruit trees in their yards – mangos, papayas, bananas, limes, and so on. And the country’s major industry is agriculture, so we ought to be okay. Fish and seafood will be scarce for a long time.

But in all of this, we are extremely fortunate. Fahim has a decent job that pays well. So even when inflation hits and food prices rise, we’ll still be able to afford whatever we need. That cannot be said of millions of others here.

Author: LMAshton

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