Household Stuff I’m Just Not In The Mood For

Laundry. Did it anyway. What can I say? I get annoyed when the laundry piles up, and it was due to be done yesterday. I hate being annoyed. And I can’t really beat the laundry. Well, okay, I can, but somehow, it’s just not that satisfying.

Killing bugs. Did it anyway. No, wait. Not in the mood, true. Not at first. But the sounds of those ants screamin’ – well, yeah, okay, not in the mood.

Sweeping the floors. Did it anyway. See dead bugs.

Made lunch. Soup. Didn’t feel like it, but because Fahim won’t, it’s either that or starve. Did it anyway.

(Okay, okay, okay. That’s not true. Fahim is willing to order out for soup from our favorite Chinese restaurant. That’s gotta count for something. It’s just that cutting veggies takes him so long that I’d probably be dead before he was finished cooking a meal without my help. And that’s considering that I’ve got reserves. He doesn’t.)

Supposed to have Sinhalese lessons today. Didn’t have them yesterday because it was a Poy Day – full moon – holiday. Didn’t go cuz I’m just too sick.

Did ya hear that? I’m sick. No, not sick in the head. Although that hasn’t been proven. But I’m still claimin’ that anyway. Just sick.

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