Hot Off the Presses! Photos of Chameleon Sex!

chameleon sex, Sri Lankachameleon sex, Sri Lankachameleon sex, Sri Lankachameleon sex, Sri LankaYeah, I’ve got a weird life. I know. Really. πŸ™‚

So I was in my kitchen, minding my own business, getting the lunch ready. You know, usual normal every day stuff.

I spot one of my garden chameleons on the jambu tree, where he normally perches. Then I see him jump off the tree in a hurry, chasing another, smaller chameleon.

Honestly, my first thought was “hmm, he’s getting lunch”, even though I didn’t think lizards ate other lizards. I’m pretty sure their diet consists mainly of fruit and bugs. Not my first choice, but hey. :p

But that didn’t quite sound right.

I went outside, with camera of course, to photograph whatever was happening.

And there I see the two lovebirds… er, wait, lovelizards? entwined.

Then, a second or two later – cuz, yes, they really were that fast – separated, although that took a couple of seconds, too. Then the little one left while the bigger one stood there, staring at me.

And then I see his bright pink on white genitals. Bright pink.

Who’d’a thunk it?

Author: LMAshton
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