2023-02-03/06 day 231/234 of doing art every day for a year (mostly – I took sick days off).

No tutorial for this one. This is by request from Fahim. He had the idea of an egg-shaped rabbit sort of creature called a Hopper, not to be confused with Sri Lankan hoppers which are a food thing. 🙂

I had some fur brushes I wanted to try out, so I did. And then it morphed into an alien landscape since, well, I felt like it plus it was to go along with a short story Fahim wrote that takes place in The Basement of the Universe, a place we created together, in our 50 Galaxies universe. Yep, there’s a huge backstory here. 🤣

You can read Fahim’s story here.

An egg-sh

I know it’s not high art, y’all. But it’s mine. And it’s fun to do.

I’ve uploaded both a short and a long  timelapse to YouTube. You can find them below.

Short Timelapse:

Long Timelapse:

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