Gray Langur Monkeys, No. Purple-Faced Leaf Monkeys, Yes.

gray langur monkey, Sri LankaIt turns out I was wrong. This does happen on occasion, yes. 😛

All those pictures I have of monkeys that I’ve been calling Gray Langur Monkeys are actually Purple-Faced Leaf Monkeys or Purple-Faced Langurs (Trachypithecus vetulus).

Thanks go to e4c5, aka Raditha Dissanayake, who said:

that’s actually a purple faced leaf monkey. I know there isn’t a square millimeter of purple on it. Grey Langur is in dry zone

Yeah, so don’t bother looking for any purple – you won’t likely find any. Unless you’re under the influence of… something. 😛

And now I need to go back and edit previous posts to reflect more accurate info…

I very much appreciate e4c5 and others who provide me with correct information when I’m wrong. Thank you. 🙂

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