Google exposes web surveillance cams

Enter the following search term into your Google search, and what do you get?


As of today, 428 live camera feeds.

Um, sure, okay.

According to a report, they could be password protected, but the owners of the cams have elected not to.


Video surfers are using this knowledge to peek in on office and restaurant interiors, a Japanese barnyard, women doing laundry, the interior of an Internet collocation facility, and a cage full of rodents, among other things, in locales scattered around the world.


What a way to spy on the world. No longer are binoculars or telescopes needed. Now, all you need is ADSL or cable internet, and you’re ready to go!

So check out:

Find a selection here.

Or the Gulf of Mexico

Falkentranke, a German restaurant, perhaps?

A bridge. Where? No idea.

A small office. A large office, lots of people.

A ski jump? No idea. Bunch of snow on a hill at any rate.

A computer lab, by the looks of things.

Nesset kommune. Um, industrial complex, perhaps?

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