So. Fahim’s talking to a buddy of his who spent a month in Goa and is trying to convince Fahim that we should move there. Why? Cuz the buddy has a bar there and the cost of living is cheaper.

But where the heck is Goa, you ask? It’s on the west coast of India. Back in the day when India was ruled by the British, Goa was a Portuguese colony.

Now, it’s a major holiday destination.

So they talk, and I’m thinking, why not? I checked the church’s website, and there’s a branch there. Fahim speaks Hindi. It’s probably a very high English-speaking area. So why not?

I’m game.

Now, before y’all start asking when, ya gotta keep Fahim in mind. It may never happen, or it may happen in five years.

Author: LMAshton

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