Geek Toys

Are not just for boys! I like ’em too!

Okay, not as much as Fahim, it’s true. Or my brother. But still.

Plus I write a geek column. Well, if I have to be accurate, it’s a column on gadgets, but in my mind, I think of it as geek gadgets. At any rate, they’re fun to read about.

Coming up with ideas on what to write the article about can be, oh, challenging at times. If I want the article to be fun and interesting, that is, and if I don’t want to write about the same old, same old. So whaddya do?

In my case, I visit Fahim’s friend’s Nigel’s Red Ferret Journal. And I go scrolling through his blog entries. And I have myself some fun. 😀

But I gotta ask myself – why a ferret? And if it has to be a ferret, why a red one? Is their fur more valuable? Although I doubt that – who’s ever heard of wearing a ferret fur coat? Hmm.

Author: LMAshton

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