Gas. Oh, excuse me!

It finally ran out today.

Sort of.

I was cooking lunch and saddened at how low the flame was. Two burners on and it was even worse. This would be the time to do some low, low flame cooking. 😀 Unfortunately, that’s not what I wanted to do.

I asked Fahim to switch the canister for me, but cheap guy that he is, he doesn’t want to until the gas is completely used up. Fine, so lunch will be at 2 then. 😀

An hour later, and the vegetables were still cooking… He changed the gas for me despite it not being completely over.

So this makes it how long, exactly, that the gas lasted for? Yeah, I dunno. Somewhere around three or four months.

In any case, we’re now back to not having a spare gas canister. Ack!

Author: LMAshton
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