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I’ve been working on organizing my huge mungo amount of photos into something more cohesive, and to that end, I installed Gallery2 software on my site. I’m working on getting the Gallery2 Bridge installed to go along with my Joomla environment, but I’ve had some problems with that. I need Fahim’s help, but I’ve kinda used up all his help today, what with him updating my new recipe database (note: now defunct) with recipes from a test site. And no, I’m not done adding my recipes. I’ve barely begun – only 30 or so added.

And that has problems, too, what with the template being all wonky. Ah, the wonders of css and cms. 🙂 But it’ll get sorted out soon, and what with Christmas in two days, I’m not so sure that anyone will even notice. 😀

Anyway, I’ve discovered an interesting bug in Gallery2. I had the square thumbnail module installed, but instead of giving me the option to sometimes square a thumbnail, it defaulted to always square the thumbnail. Well, that’s not the bug, but that’s what led me to discovering the bug.

So I deactivate that module, and my thumbnails are still square. I have to go into each album individually and recreate thumbnails.

Only it doesn’t always work. Sometimes, even after recreated 2 or 3 or more times, the thumbnails are still square, or they’re stretched to force them to be square. Ergh!

But if I change the size of the thumbnail, then change it back and recreate thumbnail, it works.

Go figure. 🙂

At least I discovered this before adding all my photos.

But now I have to get dinner, then watch a movie (a Tamil one, no idea what it’s called), so the rest will just have to wait until tomorrow to get fixed.

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