Food Court

We wandered around Crescat, and it was basically a small collection of upscale stores. There were perhaps 30 stores total. In the basement, there was also a food court. It had a lot of different kinds of Asian foods. It also had a Pizza Hut – but the comment I got from Marlene’s children was that they didn’t like it at all because everything was too spicy – modified for the local population.

One of these days, we’ll have to get some Pizza Hut pizza so I can find out for myself. The problem with Pizza Hut is the whole Halal issue. Yes, we can ask for the pizza to not be cut, which eliminates the contamination from other cut pizzas which have pork or other non-Halal ingredients, but then if you’re a paranoid Muslim, there’s still the issue of shared pizza pans, unwashed hands or utensils between pizzas, things like that.

I know some vegetarians who are that paranoid. Well, I use the word "paranoid" out of its proper context. I should use cautious or concerned. But I like paranoid. 🙂

I still want to try KFC’s Chicken Buryani. The thought makes me laugh. And I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s yet, so I haven’t seen for myself how they change the menu here – only heard about it.

But then, I haven’t eaten at any North American chain restaurants since I got here. Have I missed it?

A little bit. Sure, yeah. But not enough to go out of my way to eat at one of them. I’ll get there eventually – but I’ll have to go when I’m out with someone other than Fahim. It’s that whole blasted Halal thing.

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