Finding Beeswax in Sri Lanka…

Can be interesting.

After much discussion and procrastination, on a grocery shopping trip one day, Fahim ran into an Ayurvedic doctor’s shop to buy neem oil (aka kohomba oil in Sinhala – neem is Hindi and, oddly enough, the name I’m more familiar with) and beeswax. I wanted the neem oil to treat the pesky papaya mealy bug issues and the beeswax to make an un-petroleum jelly/lip balm thingie.

The reason he went to the Ayurvedic doctor’s shop for the beeswax? Because beeswax is used in Ayurvedic medicine and will be a cleaner, purer grade than any beeswax I get elsewhere.

Plus this is one place where we know (really, suspect) that we can get it. Where else is it available? No idea. 🙂

Fahim picked up 100 grams of beeswax. I take a look at it and… Oh, look, how nice. Bug carcasses. Yummy. 😀

Naturally, this means that step number one will be to filter out the debris. Which means melting it down. And, oh, look, now it’s so much easier to see the bug carcasses and junk left behind. Mmm!

I then filter it directly into my one and only silicone pan. I’m hoping that’ll make it easier to get the beeswax out while hopefully not ruining the pan. Plus it’s big enough that I should wind up with a fairly thin sheet of beeswax which out to be easy to rip into the weights I want. Happily, I’m right.

And now I have beautiful, clean, filtered beeswax. 🙂

Happiness reigns. 🙂 And yes, I *am* easily amused. 😀

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2 thoughts on “Finding Beeswax in Sri Lanka…

  1. I got mine at an ayurvedic shop, then filtered it myself. But it’s not white – it’s a tan color. If you want white, it needs to be bleached somehow, and I have no idea about that.

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