Finally. Internet.

I finally got on the internet again today. First time, oh, pardon me – second time in over two months. Or something close to that, anyway. And finally, got blog published today, too.


I know, I know, blog hadn’t been published in two months. Well, what with the elections, Fahim was working so many long hours that it just didn’t work for me to go on the internet on weekends – inevitably, he’d be working, whether in town or out in the boondocks of Sri Lanka in places like Nuwura Eliya, which people here say so fast it sounds like it should be pronounced Nuraliya. Slurred. So I’d seen the name of the place, but never pegged it with how it was pronounced.

Anyway. Fahim worked oh, seven days a week, sometimes until midnight or later. So that just didn’t work.

After the election, though, I was still housebound for another week – in anticipiation of post-election violence that didn’t materialize. Thank heavens.

And then I caught a cold. And then there were all the holidays, which meant that weekends were actually for working since people were taking off an entire week when they were only entitled to two or three days holidays that week.. . . And . . . Basically, the universe had a grudge against me and decided to take it out on no internet. Whatever.

And then it added technical difficulties in getting the thing published. Short version? I couldn’t publish from blog to my site, so I had to publish it to the local machine instead. Then I tried to ftp it to the site, but couldn’t, so had to ftp it to Fahim’s machine, and he ftp’d it to the site. <yawn.> Yeah, I know.

Another comment. If you didn’t understand what I just said, smile and nod and move on. If you didn’t understand it, you’re not ready to. 🙂 Geekspeak.

Hey, maybe I AM bilingual after all. Oh hey, wait. Trilingual. Canuckian, Geekspeak, and BeanCounterSpeak. Can I count StarTrekSpeak? And StarGateSpeak?

So sorry it took so long to publish blog again. I’m not dead. The elections are over, and life is possibly resuming sort of back to normal. As if normal played a part in my life.

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