Fighting Mad in Tamil Nadu

Vijayis considered one of the top male actors in Tamil Nadu, along with Ajith. There’s a fierce rivalry with the fans of each, and the fans fight each other. Ajith fans, when a Vijay movie comes out, will fling cow dung at Vijay movie fans, and vice versa.

Only in India. *roll eyes*

Thing is, they’re contemporaries. Vijay is still young, good looking, in decent shape, and has no problems doing all the kicking and diving and whatever that constitutes a fight scene in a Tamil movie.

Ajith, on the other hand, is getting round, out of shape, and lookin’ old. Ajith has a hard time with fight scenes – can’t get his fat legs to kick very high, or perhaps his fat stomach is getting in the way. In any case, when he’s wooing the female star, who’s usually in her early twenties or younger, he looks more like a dirty old man what with the huge apparent age difference. Ajith is younger than Fahim and I, and yet, he looks a full decade older, if not more.


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