Favourite Photos of 2006

cows walking freely through traffic, Sri LankaCows are everywhere here. Cows that wander freely through neighborhoods and even in heavy traffic are common here. Vehicles driving around cows in traffic are common here. Even cows that trot through traffic and neighborhoods are common here.

Right. Getting the picture? Cows + Sri Lanka + roaming free = normal. Yup. 🙂




Fahim, grinning madly, Sri LankaFahim, grinning madly, with a hat on, Sri Lanka

Yeah, about Fahim… He’s not entirely normal. Y’all know that, right? 😛

ants carrying off a piece of cat food, Sri Lankagreen worm in my cauliflower, Sri Lanka

I’ve mentioned that ants are also everywhere here, yes? And, back when I had cats, ants would find where the cat food dish was and they’d haul off pieces of dried cat food. Like the first picture.

And that bright green worm you see? That’s what I find in my cauliflower. Lovely, right? I mean, the worm’s a pretty green colour and all, and pretty interesting looking in a way. Just wish he wasn’t in my cauliflower.

4 rose ringed parakeets sitting on a power line, Sri Lanka3 rose ringed parakeets sitting on banana plants, old tree stumps, Sri Lanka

In the first picture are four rose-ringed parakeets sitting on the power line. We sometimes have dozens in the neighborhood at the same time. 😀 In the second, we have three four (thanks, V) hanging out in the banana plant and environs.

The ones with the ring around their necks are males. If there’s no ring, they’re female. 🙂

ripejambu fruit, Sri Lankahand reaching up to pick jambu fruit, Sri Lanka

Then we have ripe jambu fruit, waiting to be picked, and in the second picture, we have a hand, reaching up to pick jambu fruit off the tree. Fahim’s hand. 🙂

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