Fathima and Zara came to visit

And Fathima brought along a friend of hers who also flew down with her from Dubai. Their cab driver got lost, so Fahim had to give directions while they were right in front of our house but around the corner. It was kinda funny. We both rush outside to the landing. Me, of course, makes no difference because Fathima doesn’t know what I look like. But Fahim – well, for him it does make sense to stand on the landing. The cab driver turned the car around and pulled up in front of the house and helped Fathima and her friend unload everything they’d need for the evening, and Fahim helps them bring everything in.

Unfortunately, our front door light is burned out, and neither of us can replace the bulb because we’re both too short. I’ve offered Fahim to stand on my shoulders, but he hasn’t taken me up on it yet. 🙂 So unfortunately, the steps were not well lit at all. Oh well. They all got in and upstairs, and we sat down and chatted – when we weren’t being interrupted by Zara. First thing to understand – Zara is ten months old.

That should tell you everything – she needs food, water, attention, love, affection, and can’t wait for it. And she’s as cute as a baby could possibly be. Adorable, really.

This was Fahim meeting Zara, too – the first time he’s laid eyes on her. And he’s surprisingly good with her, too. Well, shouldn’t be too surprising, but I never know how people are going to be with children until I see them with, so how can I be expected to predict? But yes, he’s good with Zara. And Zara took an immediate liking to one of our plastic spoons. Well, what can I say? I have no baby toys kicking around, squishy stuffed animals, or anything of the like, so I’m only happy that Zara liked the pretty floral patterned spoon.

Fathima also brought us a few things from Dubai, which was terribly generous of her. For me, she brought Herbolene – it’s Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Petroleum Jelly. Good for burns, dry skin, that sort of thing. There is nothing here that is even close to what I was looking for. So that was great. The even better part – and Fahim tells me later that he knew it was coming, but didn’t bother to tell me about it – was the chocolate. Fathima brought us four bags of bite sized chocolate – Twix. That coconut thingy called, what, Mounds? I don’t know exactly. I could check but I’m too lazy to at the moment. And two others that also get the comment of “too lazy to check right now”. But let me tell you, considering that I’m a chocoholic, and so’s Fahim, and there are big arguments around here as to which of us is the worse chocoholic, this is welcome indeed. Anything to fuel the chocolate fires.

It was getting late and they had to get back to where they were staying, so Fahim called a cab for them complete with directions. After being told it would be about twenty minutes, it arrived closer to forty five minutes later. We, that is, the big people in the room, didn’t care. It was poor Zara who was tired and no doubt jet lagged and confused by all the fuss being made over her constantly by people she’s not used to.

And yes, of course I have pictures. Are you daft? What makes you think I wouldn’t?

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