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Remember me talking about Brother and Sister Houssian from Hong Kong? They came over so I could talk to Sister Houssian about family history. Well, lately, she’s emailed me a bunch of stuff.

I go poking through it, and what do I find? She’s sent me around twenty five files, and twenty of them comprise a Family History Consultant Training Manual.

Can you say "incredible timing?"

So me, being a geek and all, along with anal retentive, wants to format it so I can give it a table of contents. There’s nothing worse – to me and my goldfish memory – than a whole bunch of documents, related, but not indexed or toc’d, so that I can never find anything.

Goldfish. Their memory apparently lasts for five seconds. Which is why, if you put too much food in their tank, they’ll over eat. Cuz they didn’t remember eating six seconds ago. So they’ll eat until they’ve eaten so much their bellies split.

Fahim has so kindly started referring to my memory as that of a goldfish. Can’t say I blame him. Aw, don’t yell at him. He’s not being mean or anything.

So given the limitations in my own mind, I want a table of contents, and there was some wonky formatting in a few places anyway, so I combined all the documents and reformatted and added a table of contents. Which took me until tomorrow. But it has a nice table of contents now, which means that even I will be able to find information.

And it turns out to be around 220 pages with a heck of a lot of useful stuff in it.

I mean, c’mon, we’ve all encountered useless manuals, right? Haven’t we? Filled with fluff, outdated information, and unimportant stupid stuff.

Well, this ain’t it. This one was useful. I liked it.It had answers to most of the questions I had in terms of policies and procedures, although not all, and talked about some stuff that I didn’t even know about.


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