Fahin decided to install DOS

on his computer today. Rather than just the crap dos bitty program thing that comes with Windows XP, he wants a real dos – for more of his games rather than playing with silly little dos emulators. He’s chosen to use FreeDOS, or something like that. Whatever.

Except he got a cramp in trying to install FreeDOS – he doesn’t have the required boot floppy or CD-ROM image, or something else so picky that he feels the need to correct me on when he’s really the only one who gives a rats behind, so he’s installing OpenDOS instead.

Yeah, you go, guy.

Nah, that just doesn’t work.

Right now, I want to strangle Fahim. He’s become increasingly obsessive and uncontrollable and even more anal retentive than ever. He feels it so incredibly necessary to correct me on the minutia of what I’ve previously typed here, when he’s honestly the ONLY person in the entire world other than other computer geeks wearing klingon costumes living in their mother’s basement. (Hey, Tony, do you go as the Klingon High Commander, or what? Ka’plah! Or do they have a Klingon Santa Clause equivalent?)

And he has to tell me how PROUD he is of the fact that it’s installing a DOS partition and he’s gonna have a 48 MB RAM Virtual DOS Machine.

Oh, go tip a cow over.

Fahim wants to tip a garden gnome over instead. Honey, you go right ahead. But I think you’ll find that they’ll bite your hand off above the wrist before . . . Ugh.


And now he has his DOS setup screen. You know, the one at the very beginning before the computer boots into DOS mode? Yeah, that one.

Okay, so only other computer geeks will know what I’m talking about. That’s okay. I seem to collect them. 🙂 Which is why the klingon comment is so funny to me. 🙂

And Fahim has made sure to tell me, not once, but TWICE, that it’s installing DOS, it’s installing DOS.

Hah! He’s so happy. He has that sick little grin on his face that makes him look like, what? An extremist fundamentalist Muslim?

No, not really. That’s his regular face. <ducks.>

Um, honey, I love you. Honestly I do. Honey? Honey? Come back, no, no, you don’t have to >thwump< <groan> <blood oozes onto the couch>

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