Fahim’s Pajaama Pants

The cream colored ones are done.

The material is a real pain to work with – it unravels so very quickly. And they didn’t cut it on the grain – they cut it at some odd funky angle that makes it not hang quite properly or work nicely, either. All four pieces look to be cut from different angles however they could squish ’em on to the fabric. The way it was cut was so deformed as far as the human body is concerned…


But… it’s done. His cream ones are done. Shortened to the proper length, wearable and everything.

Because of the odd way they fit, I would never advice that Fahim wear them out in public without something covering the funny looking torso bit of it – there was only so much that I could do to fix it. But under a kurta or sharwani, or around the house for that matter, it’s perfectly fine.

And since he refuses to wear the cream ones with either his kurta or sharwani, I’m on to the next pair… Fixing his black pajaama pants.

So you might be asking yourself why I started with a pair that he wasn’t going to wear to the wedding anyway? Well, that would be because this was my first front button fly front thingy, and lacking either a pattern or directions, I wanted to screw up on something that didn’t matter.

Except I didn’t screw up and it turned out just fine. 😀

I am invincible!

😀 *insert maniacal laughter here*

Author: LMAshton
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