Fahim’s Obsession Revisited

Fahim told me last night, after we watched two more episodes of 24, that he was going to wake me this morning at 6 am, no later, to watch more 24. I had the choice of either getting out of bed and watching with him, or I could watch them later, but in either case, he would watch them.

Well, I’m addicted to them as well. It’s kind of sick how easily Jack Bauer kills people. The body count keeps piling up, then you add to that Jack being tortured, his heart stopping and him being dead for several minutes, then his lungs being deflated with drugs, him cutting open some other dead guy to get at a microchip . . . well, really, what’s not to love? And then we also have his daughter, who, in this season, has been a witness to domestic dispute, stole the child away from the abusive father, not once, but twice, her boyfriend knocks the father out, they steal his car, get stopped for speeding then placed under arrest for murder of the girl’s mother, whose body just happens to be in the trunk of the car, lighting the police cruiser on fire, escaping into the hands of a wacko lone survivalist, being held at gunpoint in a botched attempt by a guy to buy supplies at a closed store . . . Well, you can see it’s non-stop action. Okay, so you can’t. See, that is. From what I’ve written. But you can watch it yourself.

Anyway, the point of all this is that I set my alarm for 6 and instead of laying in bed for a few minutes and waking up, I groggily got out of bed, wearing robe and slippers (native slippers – rubber thongs. Why not? When in Rome, as they say), and sat beside Fahim and watched – no, no, not one, no, no, not two, but actually THREE episodes of 24 this morning.

Usually, Fahim is walking out the door heading to work at 7:45 or 8am. He likes to get there early so he can get downloads going while they’re still fast. I imagine he also gets work done while it’s still quiet.

Like I said, I imagine. I didn’t say it was reality.

Anyway. Fahim always leaves that early.

Today was his first exception.

He stayed to watch three episodes.

He allowed me a few minutes between the second and the third to take a five minute shower – he timed me and started yelling when it was taking too long – and in the meantime, he changed for work.

So. Three episodes this morning. Which means that we have only one episode left and we’re done season two. That’s on the agenda tonight.

And yes, we watched the last episode tonight. And we know, because season three is already airing in North America, that President Palmer is in season three, so we already know that whatever happened to him at the end of season two isn’t fatal. So much for that cliffhanger. Fahim is also downloading the first few episodes of season three off the internet.

Cuz he’s that obsessed.

He’s a crazy man.

He’s a crazy hairy man.

He’s my crazy hairy man.

What have I gotten myself into?

Author: LMAshton

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