Fahim’s Got Some Strange Friends

This afternoon, while I was working on catching up my blog – this one, as a matter of fact – I got a phone call from Robin, one of Fahim’s best friends and also a guy Fahim works with. Robin is young, like 24 or something, and happy and full of life and funny. When he decides to settle down and get married, he’ll make a good catch. And yes, Robin, you can use me as a reference. 🙂

Robin tells me that tonight there’s some kind of YATV (That’s Young Asia Television for the rest of you) launch tonight and there’ll be lots of cheese and wine. Oh, you don’t drink wine, he says. Fahim just told me, he says. I laugh. No, I don’t drink wine. But keep going. So he tells me it’ll be lots of fun and will I come? I say if Fahim goes, I will, but if he doesn’t, I won’t. Robin then tells me that that’s what Fahim says, so will I please say that I’ll come? I laugh. Sure, I’ll come, I say. Good. Now Fahim will. And then we hang up. That was it.

Didn’t get to talk to dearest in all of that. Oh well. But now we’re fully committed. I don’t doubt that Fahim will try to talk his way out of it. Fahim is not a social guy – not when it comes to crowds. With his friends, with people he likes, yes. Otherwise, no. Well, I’m the say way, so no biggie.

As it turns out, Fahim did not say what Robin said he said. Fahim doesn’t want to go. But he decided that we’d go if there was room to stand or sit comfortably, or something like that.

He SMSed Robin to ask the pertinent questions, but we never heard back. Robin had his phone turned off. So we didn’t go.

Oh well.

Author: LMAshton
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