Fahim’s DOS thingy is actually working.

A couple of hours playing with this that and the other thing, more commonly called config.sys, emm386.whatever and himem.sys, Fahim finally has it working well enough to play a game on it. He’s happy. He’s so happy that he keeps rubbing my leg, smiling with glee, and playing, only to be interrupting by more rubbing of legs, smiles with glee, and playing.

Fahim, honey, you really do need a life.

Author: LMAshton

2 thoughts on “Fahim’s DOS thingy is actually working.

  1. So does it work? I’m told that an emulator won’t properly run older games on a newer computer because the speed of the game is clocked to the processor speed, so if you try to run a game meant to run on a 486, and run it on an emulator on a 4ghz Xeon, it won’t be playable. And that’s why we need to keep the 486 motherboard that I stabbed myself with.

  2. Yup, it worked.

    Some emulators have controls so you can increase or decrease the speed of the game, which is what Fahim did to get it to work properly. Which emulator, I have no idea. That was, after all, 6 years ago…

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