Fahim and I bought a home theatre system

It’s a gift from my grandmother (thanks, gram!).

It all started yesterday when we received an envelope from my grandmother with a cheque inside for our wedding present and Christmas and birthday presents.

Today, we went and spent it.  Fahim and I discussed things, and because our DVD player has been giving us major problems – it’s getting old – we talked about possibly replacing our existing one.  And then I suggested that we also consider a stereo system – nothing fancy – because, well, we all know how deaf I can be, and not all DVDs here have great sound (think of bad, bad, bad camera copies).  Combine that with a television that doesn’t have great sound quality, and you’re looking for trouble.  Add to that how frequently we watch DVDs, combined with how much we both love watching movies, and . . .  Well, you can see. 

So then we looked on the internet at one store that we buy a lot of major appliances from, and we found this:  http://www2.singersl.com/singer/products/home_theatre_systems/home_theatre_systems.asp?pcode=SIN_SHT-900W 

It’s a home theatre system – the player will play DVDs, CDs, VCDs, MP3s, and pretty much everything else that’s available on either a DVD or a CD.  Plus it has a radio.  Plus it has speakers so I’ll be able to hear things better.  All positive. 

Anyway, the price tag on this home theatre system was high enough that we decided that we would use all of our Christmas & Birthday & Wedding gift money together and get this one thing.

Seeing it on the internet helped.  Because it meant that we could figure out what features we wanted and if what we were looking at could do the job we wanted it to do.  Luckily, the cheapest one fits our needs perfectly!

So grandma, thank you very much.  We’ll be thinking of you every time we use it.  We’ll also send photos as soon as we’re finished setting it up.

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