Electricity. How . . . exciting!

Last night, Fahim went downstairs to talk to our downstairs neighbors about the electricity bill. Our bill is way way high and doesn’t make a lot of sense. Both the upstairs and down are on the same bill, but there are two meters, and one is twice as much as the other. In theory, one meter is ours and the other is theirs. In reality, the meter that’s supposed to be ours also has their kitchen on it. But still, our electricity should be at about 2/3 or less of what it is now. Both Fahim and the downstairs neighbor called the owner of the house about it, and when Fahim spoke to Mr. Perera, Mr. Perera said that the repair guys would come over today at 9 am to finish the other repairs (which were supposed to be done before we moved in) and would also look at the electrical problem. We’re not sure how they’re going to do that since nobody downstairs is home during the day, and the meters are in their suite.

Mr. Perera also says the guys came over a week ago to do repairs but couldn’t because we weren’t home. Well, says both Fahim and I to each other, is there a reason they couldn’t call in advance and let us know when they were coming by so we could be home? We’re not going to sit at home 24/7 for a month and a half hoping that one of these days the guys will show up.

9 am they’re supposed to be here. It’s now 2:30. They haven’t showed. Fahim is betting that they’ll arrive here tonight when we’re out doing our grocery shopping. That is, if they show at all today.

Author: LMAshton

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