Elections are done and we still don’t know who won.

See, out of 225 seats, the President’s party won 105. Not a clear majority. For that, she’d need 113 seats or more.

The Prime Minister’s party got 86 seats.

The rest are split up between at least two Tamil parties, the monk’s party, Sri Lankan Muslim Congress party, and independents.

At this point, alliances are formed. See, if enough parties with seats totalling 113 seats or more decide to form an alliance, then they can form a majority government. So even though all the votes are counted, we don’t yet know if the President will pull it off, or if the Prime Minister’s party can manage to form enough alliances to take the majority.

Only in Sri Lanka, eh?

The monks originally said that they are opposed to forming any kind of an alliance with the Tamils, and if either of the two main parties, the UPFA (United People’s Freedom Alliance – President’s party) or the UNP (United National Party – the Prime Minister’s party) form an alliance with the Tamil’s, then they’ll form an alliance with the other.

Then today, the monks announce that they will not form an alliance with either party, but instead will serve as advisors in the government. Okey dokey, smokey.

Everyone else is basically up in the air.

And there isn’t much room for logic dictating politician’s actions – not in a country where all politicians, according to some people, are evil, lie about everything, steal everything they can, are corrupt, and will say absolutely anything to serve their purposes in the moment.

That isn’t my opinion – I haven’t been here long enough to know. But I suspect that it could be true.

The president has been announcing that she’s forming the government and will swear in the new government tomorrow. The only part of this statement that’s been confirmed thus far is the fact that the president made the statement. That it actually will happen remains to be seen. It’s still possible at this point that the Prime Minister’s party could pull something out of their butt.

Man oh man. And I hate Canadian politics.

And no one knows what happens next. If the President’s party is sworn in as government, will the peace process be off? Will war start up? Will they move forward with the peace process and take credit for all the success that the Prime Minister’s party accomplished?

There’s been peace for two years. Most people want that peace to continue. And yes, only most. There are always those who benefit from war, if only financially.

Author: LMAshton

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