Elders Lawrence and Woo came over tonight

When Fahim was at church last Sunday, Elder Woo asked Fahim if they could come over, and they settled on tonight.

You have to understand that Fahim doesn’t like his television program viewing time interrupted, which essentially leaves out Tuesday and Thursday evenings. But Wednesdays and Friday evenings are always free.

Anyway, they came over, and we, as usual, chatted and chatted and chatted and chatted. We like Lawrence and Woo – they’re funny, entertaining, and really really nice.

Elder Woo also made Lawrence stop at a grocery store on the way to our place to stock up on water – they’d heard there would be a water outage tomorrow and they wanted to stock up. I then pipe in with a lecture on how they should always have water stocked up because you don’t know when you’re going to have water outages here – they happen too often.

They’d also brought along a game they wanted to play with us – Prophet Bingo – based on prophets from the Old and New Testament and Book of Mormon – but we never got around to playing it because we were so busy talking that they had to leave before we could.

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