Eight monks quit running. In the election, that is.

One of the monks appeared on television explaining why he was dropping out.

It seems that, when the two hundred and some monks decided to run in the election, they went under an existing party’s banner, the theory being that the existing party and the monks had the same goals in mind.

Well, this monk announces that he’s no longer sure about the existing party. It seems a whole lot of money came in to the party coffers, and the monk isn’t entirely sure if things are, ah, well, above board and proper. So he’s stepping down.

Okay. Well, let’s consider the fact that, even though 70% of Sri Lanka is Buddhist, and these monks are Buddhist monks, that in theory, you’d think that 70% of Sri Lanka would be behind the Buddhist monks. You’d think wrong.

The Buddhists don’t want the monks running for office. They think that the monks should be separate from politics.

The Buddhist monks have been beaten up by the Buddhists. Not the Tamils, not the Christians, and certainly not the Muslims.

Author: LMAshton
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