Dogs, Dogs, and More Dogs

What I neglected to mention before is that not only are there dogs in my neighborhood, but lately, there are a LOT of dogs in my neighborhood.

This week, I saw a pack of dogs – nine that I could count from the balcony, and I have no idea how many more were blocked from me by fences or cars – roaming up and down the streets. Fahim says it’s one bitch followed by all her suitors.

Okay, okay, he used the bitch word. I used the suitor word. Better?

They even started sleeping together. As in, sleeping in packs.

What I probably haven’t mentioned before is that, for the first month or so that we lived here, there was a clay bowl just outside our gate that someone kept filling with water every morning. And every morning that Fahim saw it, he’d dump out the water and move the bowl ten or twelve feet in some other direction. And the next morning, it would be back.

Finally, Fahim moved it to the opposite side of the road and about twenty feet down or so, and either the person who was doing this couldn’t find it, or they got the hint that we don’t want those dogs at our door.

Because for that first month, a female dog – and you could tell it was a female without even looking for male genitalia and seeing it’s lack – it had fairly engorged breasts that were obviously being used by pups. Is this inappropriate content for some of you?

You know what? It’s life. Literally. So forget it.
And that female dog – and yes, that sentence where I started talking about her is an incomplete sentence. No verb to accompany the subject. Same as the first sentence in this paragraph. See what kind of grammatical rules you can break when you’re writing your own stuff on your own site?

And that female dog would show up at our door every time we left or came back. It was looking for food or water all the time. We kept shooing it away, and back it would come.


Now we’ve got that same female dog followed by her paramours. Lovely.

I don’t even want to tell you what I saw earlier in the week. I really don’t. So I’m not gonna. And unless you’re Fahim, it’s probably not what you think. Fahim, however, knows. Because I had to ask him about it. Get clarification. And no, I’m not THAT dumb.


These dogs have started sleeping together at our neighbor’s gate. Fahim took a picture of them. I wasn’t up yet and neither was the sun. Apparently, that neighbor’s servants (oops! I started typing in “slave”!) shoo the dogs away sometime around sun up. Which would explain why I haven’t seen it but Fahim has.

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