Do I Really Have To Have A Title For Every Single Stinkin’ Blog?

The space is there, but do I really have to use it? Huh? Huh?

Okay, I don’t, but there’s a certain compulsion to use it. And then the compulsion dictates that I come up with a good title, which I usually don’t. I scratch my head, I think, I consider what I’ll probably write about, and I try to conjure a title that sort of works given the content. Sometimes it works, and sometimes. . . well, it doesn’t.

Today is a doesn’t day.

Oh well.

I went to church with Marlene as usual. But today, there was a bit of a difference. On the way home, she wanted to get dropped off at work and use the internet – listen to conference. Well, that’s how I used to listen to conference when I was in Canada. Here, well, I’m not going to listen to it live – Fahim’s not about to take me to his work late at night for those purposes, and late at night, the download speeds here are terrible.

But I digress.

Marlene wanted to stop off at work, so she had her regular driver drop her off. But she didn’t know if she could get into her office or not – her key broke, and she wasn’t sure if the replacement would be waiting for her. While she goes in to check, the driver asks me who’s going to pay? I know for a fact that Marlene has a weekly account with this guy and it’s to go on his account. But he seems to think he can get away with making me pay and also charging Marlene. He also tells me I have to pay 600 rupees for the round trip. The trishaw drivers I normally use charge me 220 each way, or 440 round trip (that’s in case you’re mathematically challenged. :)) so of course I tell the driver this and tell him he’s charging too much and I won’t pay it. He gets all insulted and starts talking really fast Sinhalese. Whatever. I know he’s a less than honest driver, and now he knows that I know.

Turns out Marlene couldn’t get in, so she goes home instead, and I tell her about the driver. She shakes her head but isn’t surprised. For that matter, I wasn’t either.

Author: LMAshton

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