Do hummingbirds hum?

I have no idea, but I’m wondering. I haven’t noticed any actual humming, but then, I’m partially deaf, so they could be and I wouldn’t know. But they do chirp, and energetically so!

It helps that we also have a tree in the front that has yellow, bell shaped flowers with nectar in them that the hummingbirds eat. There are dozens of hummingbirds in that tree every day, happily chirping along.

Then there are the bright green parrots that swarm around here – I’ve seen eight at a time, but I’ve been told there are 50 or so right around here.

And then there are a whole lot of other birds, all happily contributing their songs, and dancing as they hop from tree to tree. One variety, a brown something or other Fahim dislikes because it makes an odd sound. *rolls eyes* Whatever. 😀

Remember, we live far enough out from Colombo, the big city, that we’ve got jungle around us. One lot beside us is nothing but jungle (we need to get it trimmed to keep the mosquitoes down), and since we’ve been going through monsoon lately, everything grows really really fast. Some plants, vines, for example, will grown two or three feet in one day in the right conditions.

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