Do Fahim and I exchange Christmas/holiday presents?

No. I’d like to, but he’s a bit difficult even with birthday/anniversary – as in, he’s never celebrated his birthday before and sees no point. Anniversary is just an extension of that.

However, when my sister and her family were here, they wanted to hold a gift exchange with us, and since there’s a nephew (then at almost four) and a niece (then at 14), it became more fun. And yeah, then he willingly participated.

I think I need to train him on the concept of celebrating these things is fun. [Razz]

His father and brother had their birthdays a few days ago, and the way things are going right now, it looks like his parents will have us over for lunch/dinner every weekend they’re in town – not for the respective birthdays, but most likely next weekend. Fahim’s suggested that, if I want to, I could make his father & brother a cake and bring it along. Well, I’d likely make brownies cuz that’s just way more fun… Anyway, point being that maybe, just maybe, he’s starting to get into it a bit. [Smile]

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