Devil’s Food Cake

That’s what I made.

But with a difference. No, make that a few differences.

Instead of flour, I used a combination of flour, gram flour, and oatbran. Okay, so this is pure sugar, chocolate, and fat, but this at least redeems it just a little bit.

And the leftover dates went in, along with a bunch of raisins and chocolate chunks.

And instead of milk, I used part milk, part coconut milk.

Give it a little ooomph.

The problem?

I’m not used to thinking in terms of flame values. I’m used to thinking in terms of Celsius or Fahrenheit. But when your oven has no temperature setting, but instead has five flame levels, not including off, ya gotta make some adjustments.

I was supposed to bake the cake at 350 Fahrenheit for 20-35 minutes. At the three flame indicator, it took 50 minutes. Obviously, my guess at flamage was wrong. Next time I’ll try two flames.

Because, you see, the higher the number of flames, the lower the amount of gas used and therefore the lower the temperature. Seems a little backwards, doesn’t it? I’d’a thunk that more flames meant, in reality, MORE FLAMES.

Author: LMAshton
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